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Summer in the City
How to embrace August, the month of the in-between

August in Dubai is a month of contrasts: it’s boiling outside but freezing in the air conditioning; sundresses are our go-to but we’re secretly longing to pull out sweaters and leather jackets; and those of us who live here are reluctantly putting away our passports and preparing for “real life” to resume.

To celebrate our month of living between worlds, the August issue of The Dubai Mall Magazine brings together a collection of flowy dresses perfect for Friday brunch, bold statements from resort and haute couture collections and we-can’t-wait looks that will put you to the front of the fash pack just in time for the temperatures to drop.

We’re also profiling four very different players in the fashion and beauty industries, each of whom is responsible for not only turning out incredible products but inspiring legions of fans for their holistic approach to their craft. We start with Tory Burch, whose stratospheric rise to fashion stardom shocked a generation (and practically sold out the first day she opened the doors of her first New York shop). We also explore the recent history of fashion fire-starters Humberto Leon and Carol Lim; four years after taking the helm of Kenzo, the LA-based duo has put an even fresher spin on the label’s irreverent design. And a behind-the-scenes look at the nearly 120-year history of Japanese skincare giant Shiseido reveals the thoughtful and yet scientific method behind their stellar products.

Closer to home, we delve back into history to uncover the surprising backstory of the iconic hand of Fatima. And even closer to the Centre of Now here in The Dubai Mall we offer a checklist of the most adrenaline-pumping rides at Sega Republic – plus the best places to cool off afterwards, courtesy of the tastiest ice cream and gelato in The Dubai Mall.

We also caught up with teen superstars Jaden and Willow Smith – the first in our occasional Two Minutes with… series, you won’t want to miss these insights [put link here] from the young music and fashion pioneers.

Available from Guest Service Desks located throughout The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Mall Magazine is offered every month to all of our guests, as well as to the residents in Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa, all with our compliments.

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