Welcome to a world you have heard of only in stories...

You are entering the late Jurassic era, circa 155 million years ago.

Once up on a time long-necked dinosaurs roamed the world. On display is the original skeleton of one such long-necked, whip-tailed sauropod that is over 155 million years old.

The dinosaur belongs to the family Diplodocidae, derived from the Greek words diplos (double) and dokos (beam).

The name Diplodocidae, refers to the bones resembling two beams located under its tail. These bones helped the dinosaur to lift its mighty tail.

What you see here is a dinosaur that scientists named as Amphicoelias brontodiplodocus.

Amphicoelias is derived from the Greek words amphi (on both sides) and koilos (hollow). It refers to the thin vertebral walls the dinosaur needed to support its enormous weight.

As heavy as five elephants, these lizard-footed ‘sauropods,’ were vegetarians.

The dinosaur’s long neck helped it to swing side-to-side fast and to reach tree tops for food. It simply gulped down whole branches and leaves without chewing.


This dinosaur skeleton was discovered in 2008 at the Dana Quarry in Wyoming, USA, and air-freighted to Dubai. When discovered, the exhibit was found in a sleeping position.

The dinosaur could have died during a drought. Dana Quarry, where its skeleton was found, was a natural trap. Both predator and prey came here seeking water to drink.

Real & Unique

Almost all bones of the dinosaur were found intact at the excavation site.
Its tail bones were found broken, either ferociously bitten by a prey, or through trauma from a tail fight.

No comparable exhibit, with nearly all bones completing the skeleton, exists elsewhere.
Yes, the dinosaur before you is as real as it gets and complete.

The skeleton is 80 ft (24.4 metres) long and 25 ft (7.6 metre) high a sprightly young adult.

The Transport

The dinosaur exhibit was air-freighted from the US to its new home, The Dubai Mall.

This one-metre bone on display is real and from the skeleton of the dinosaur.

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