Best tourist places/destinations in Dubai- Dubai tourism

Best Tourist Places, Destinations & Beautiful Spots in Dubai for Tourism – The Dubai Mall

Tourism in Dubai is simply dazzling and extraordinary. From spectacular beaches, to opulent hotels and resorts, the city boasts a veritable myriad of tourist hot spots and events. However despite the richness, very few places in Dubai can match the grandeur of The Dubai Mall, considered by many to be one of the top tourist destinations of the UAE.

The Dubai Mall offers an amazing mix of world-class shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure attractions, all designed with an eye to revolutionize the concept of the shopping malls industry. Some of the features that make The Dubai Mall the best tourist destination of Dubai include:

The Dubai Mall serves as a crowd-puller for Dubai tourism; so much so that no visit to Dubai can ever be declared complete without a trip to the famous The Dubai Mall, one of the leading tourist places of Dubai.

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